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Belt Conveyor and Accessories

brand4Production of Bridgestone Conveyor Belts started in 1945. Since then, they have been installed in countries all over the world.

Bridgestone Conveyor Belts have demonstrated their reliability and durability by serving on critical conveyors where downtime is very costly.


Maximization of Production

Bridgestone’s commitment to customer is “Maximization of Production”.

We continue to search for ways to :

  • Maximize conveyor belt operating life
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Buildup monitoring and security system to minimize down time loss
  • Provide technical support with professional service & know-how


Minimization of Total Cost of Ownership

Via Bridgestone’s 50 years of experience of servicing conveyor belt users globally, we have established that the CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) relating to the purchase and installation of conveyor belts, accounts for only an insignificant percentage of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) related to the overall operating cost on most conveyors.

Bridgestone recognizes it as our business target to realize to minimization of customers’ TCO rather than that of CAPEX through Bridgestone products and activities.

NILOS products comprises vulcanizing Presses as well as accessories for working with Conveyor Belts.


brand5NILOS experience and global orientation are further aspects to recommend you NILOS as a business partner. If required, our well-trained team will support you in building, installing and operating belt conveyors. By offering the training of your personnel with respect to handling, operating vulcanizers and conveyor belts we share our know-how.

top-hammer-drill TOP HAMMER DRILL
Manufacturer : ATLAS COPCO
Year of Manufacture : 2015
Units owned : 1 UNIT
Current Contracts : PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara – Sumbawa


horizontal-directional-drill Horizontal Directional Drill
Manufacturer : VERMEER
Type : D 130×150
Year of Manufacture : 2016
Units owned : 1 UNIT


horizontal-directional-drill1 Horizontal Directional Drill
Manufacturer : XCMG
Type : XZ320D
Year of Manufacture : 2016
Units owned : 1 UNIT


top-hammer-drill-rig TOP HAMMER DRILL RIG
Manufacturer : ATLAS COPCO
Year of Manufacture : 2012
Hole Diameter : 64-115mm
Max. Hole Depth : 25m
Engine :  CUMMINS QSB 6.7 (195hp)
Units owned : 3 UNITS
Current Contracts : Dolomite Drilling – Gresik


down-to-hole-drill DOWN-TO-HOLE DRILL
Manufacturer : ATLAS COPCO
Year of Manufacture : 2015
Units owned : 1 UNIT (on progress)
(Contract on Progress 2016)

Drilling Division :

Corporate Strategy & Approach To HSE

PT SETIA KARYA SENTOSA is committed to supply specialized World Class Drilling and Safety Standards, at the same time building long term working relationships with our Clients.

PT SETIA KARYA SENTOSA strategic policy is to achieve and maintain a high standard of quality in all aspects of our operation. We assure the expectations of our customers are continually met and the work processes are conducted at a high standard of professional work with technical and technological integrity. We are committed to effective Quality Management at every level within the organization.

Our corporate strategy remains to :

  1. Dominate specialized drilling and expand our effective capacity;
  2. Modernize our conventional fleet and expand our footprint in strategic areas;
  3. Be the best of class in safety and human resources.



PT SETIA KARYA SENTOSA is committed to a proactive and innovative approach to our people, equipment and safety. Our entire working culture is based first and foremost on ensuring a safe working environment for our employees. Safety is also of primary consideration whenever we purchase new businesses, equipment or work through new processes.

PT SETIA KARYA SENTOSA has a strong commitment to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and anyone else has an influence on the hazards in the workplace such as client’s contractors and visitors.

We will provide a working environment that minimizes incidents of risks or personal injury, ill health, or damage to property this includes:

  • Employee and workplace inductions
  • Appropriate training for all employees
  • Providing effective supervision with shift, daily, weekly and monthly periods
  • Providing safe plant and equipment and systems of work
  • Regular consultation on health and safety issues

PT SETIA KARYA SENTOSA understands from experience that the greatest risks to OHS in drilling industry are from hazards associated with field operations (vehicle operation, drilling operations, camping and mobilizations) improving and maintaining safety performance in these areas of activities is a high priority followed by workshop and office.

The development of the safe working culture is the responsibility of everyone and can be the best achieved through the cooperative efforts of employees. A safe culture will be reinforced through:

  • Continual Risk assessment (hazard identification, assessing the risks associated with the hazards, controlling the risks to health and safety of people that may arise in the work place)
  • The provision of information concerning such risks and the promotion, instruction and supervision of employees to ensure safe work practices.
  • Giving employees and clients the opportunity to participate in health and safety decisions that affect them.

Experience List

No. Description Location Client
 1.  Inverter Crane 25 Ton  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
2.  Biss Plate Metal  Power Plant  PT. Wings Surya
 3.  Shaft Seal Housing  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 4.  Labyrinth Seal  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 5.  Chain Conveyor  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 6.  Inverter Crane 60 Ton  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 7.  Shaft Sleeve  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 8.  Collector Ring  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 9.  Trust Ring Turbine  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 10.  Steam Turbine  Sugar Industry  PT. Nusantara XII
 11.  Steam Turbine  Paper Industry  PT. Surya Kertas
 12.  Turning Gear for Turbine  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 13.  Shaft Seal & Housing  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 14.  Sprocket for Conveyor Dia : 1870  Sugar Industry  PT. Nusantara XII
 15.  Air Seal Ring Assy for Mill  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 16.  Air Seal Heater  Unit  PT. PJB UP Gresik
 17.  Shaft Sleeve ID 580mm  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 18.  Rebabbit Trust Bearing  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 19.  Shaft Sleeve CCWP  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 20.  Trust Ring for Turbine dia : 1400  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 21.  Modification of Heat Absorber Blower System  Power Plant  PT. Indonesia Power Bali
 22.  Exhaust Plenum Repair  Power Plant  PT. Indonesia Power Bali
 23.  Rubber Seal Hear Resistant for Turbine Room  Power Plant  PT. Indonesia Power Bali
 24.  Rebabbit  Oil Box ID 1430mm  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 25.  Worm Gear for Main Gate  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 26.  Rebabbit Turbine Bearing  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 27.  Labyrinth for Turbine  Power Plant Hydro  PT. PJB Brantas
 28.  Outer Wall Segment  Power Plant Hydro  PT. Babcock & Wilcox Asia
 29.  Steam Drum Modification  Power Plant Hydro  PT. Babcock & Wilcox Asia
 30.  Vane Wheel Segment Fabrication  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 31.  Minimum Flow Control Valve Modification  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 32.  Stud Bolt & Nut Fabcrication  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 33.  Bowlskirt Repair (Pulverizer)  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 34.  Labyrinth Seal for Motor BFP Fabrication  Power Plant  PT. PJB Paiton
 35.  Various Spare Part (Allen Sherman Hoff)  Power Plant  TJB Jepara
 36.  Walkway Fabrication  Power Plant  Arpeni – TJB Jepara
 37.  Bucket Elevator Fabrication  Power Plant  TJB Jepara
 38.  Emergency Repair of Gearbox Set  Power Plant  TJB Jepara
 39.  Ship Unloader Spare Parts – TENOVA  Power Plant  TJB Jepara
 40.  Basket Air Heater Elements (Sangho Korea)  Power Plant  TJB & PJB
 41.  Rack Hoist Reducer Fabrication  Power Plant  TJB Jepara
 42.  Dolomite Drilling – Top Hammer  Cement Plant  Tuban
 43.  Dolomite Drilling – Top Hammer  Cement Plant  Gresik
 44.  Pre-split Drilling Blasting (2-year contract)  Gold & Copper Mine  PT. NEWMONT NUSA TENGGARA

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